Learn essential DRILLS and SKILLS to make your Canine a part of your DEFENSE TEAM | taught by Tobe Whitley
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Tobe Whitley
Tobe Whitley
Patrol Trainer

About the instructor

Tobe Whitley is Remnant Canine 360’s Patrol trainer and comes to us with 32 years in Law Enforcement as a Patrol Sergeant. Tobe has been actively involved with K9 training for over 10 years and is a Certified Police Patrol and Explosives dog handler.

Tobe actively trains dogs for further service in Police and Sheriff departments throughout Texas and is a Military / Police dog breeder utilizing superior blood lines from Belgium, Holland and Romania.

In addition to his active police patrol work, Tobe performs dog patrol duties for several local mega churches to ensure their safety from terrorist attacks.

We thank him for his service and glad he is on our side!

Course Description*

This online training course is designed to help you learn drills and skills to build drive and bite as well as bite and release on / off leash. Learn and train techniques so your canine can help you protect and secure your perimeter. This course will also teach sequences to train your canine to clear a building. Patrol training with an adult dog takes approximately 15 - 24 weeks depending on your dogs willingness and drive to work. The course includes supplemental training material you can download to take with you during your training sessions.

*Be advised you may follow every step we outline in this course and some dogs may have the drive but not the nature to bite.*

Know your goals, what are your expectations...if you would like to speak to someone about your goals and expectations please do not hesitate to contact us:

Equipment Used With Patrol:

Recommended: 360 Obedience Bootcamp Training

  • Six Foot Leash
  • 15 - 25 Foot Leash
  • Dog Harness
  • Flex Pole (Optional) or Heavy Weight with Handle and Light Chain 
  • Flirt Pole
  • Chamois
  • Puppy Pillow
  • Varying Bite Sleeves 
  • Another Person (Decoy)
  • Dog

Need Help? Consult With An Expert!

Learn everything you need to know about building drive and bite as well as essential training techniques to control your perimeter and clear a building. Make your defense team complete!

Tobe's many years of experience in the field makes him a wealth of information and knowledge that he presents in a straight forward, no messing around style. He has his own drive to make each handler and canine the best they can be!

He also offers private lessons via Skype if you would like more individualized training or run into challenges requiring special attention.


Course Contents

7 Videos
6 Texts
4 PDFs
6 Audios

Course Curriculum

Patrol Trainer - Promo Video
Patrol 5 - Scenario Based Training SEE OUR SNEAK PEEK VIDEO!
Patrol 6 - Building Search COMING SOON!