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Michaela Ersae
Michaela Ersae
360 Obedience Bootcamp Trainer

About the instructor

Michaela Ersae brings a wealth of knowledge and we are proud to have her as a part of our team as our 360 Obedience Bootcamp trainer.

Everyone imagines a certain type of relationship with their dog. Some are active, walking, running, participating in sports together. Others have visions of cuddles on the couch and hanging together in a more relaxed way. Maybe you even need a service support companion. But everyone desires a relationship where they have a happy, healthy and dedicated companion.

Sometimes that happens naturally, but most often, as in all relationships, there’s a process. Most need at least some training and education to create the bond they envision. This is the part of your relationship that Michaela Ersae aspires to help you build. Mutual trust and respect are essential for you to gain a close and rewarding bond with your dog.

She continually strives to increase her own education in the field of dog training through seminars, workshops and online classes. She feels we can never stop learning how to be better companions and caregivers for our most precious partners, our dogs.

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