360 Obedience Bootcamp

Learn specific obedience skills and commands to build a STRONG FOUNDATION for future training | taught by Michaela Ersae
12 Monthly Payments of $19.99
Michaela Ersae
Michaela Ersae
360 Obedience Bootcamp Trainer

About the instructor

Michaela began her animal training career at the Caldwell Zoo where she trained elephants for many years. She then pursued her childhood dream of working with marine mammals and worked with both Sea World of Texas and Florida as well as at Moody Gardens Aquarium.

After years of zoo and aquarium experience she decided to apply her knowledge and skills to begin training canines by offering private in-home dog training. She currently works at a local training facility near San Antonio, TX where she offers classes in AKC Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog Training, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Puppy Classes, Clicker Training as well as training VA Service Dogs.

Michaela brings a wealth of knowledge and we are proud to have her as a part of our team as our 360 Bootcamp trainer as she helps you and your canine with the foundations that will lead your team to future success.

Note from Michaela...

Welcome to my 360 Obedience Bootcamp package. I'm looking forward to helping you and want to ensure your success. My goal is to give you the knowledge to build a strong foundation of specific obedience skills and commands that will lead you and your dog to success throughout this 360 training. 

Have Questions? Email me: support@remnantcanine360.com

Course Description

This online training course is designed to help you learn specific obedience skills and commands that will build a strong foundation for future training success. 360 Obedience Bootcamp training typically takes 10 - 12 weeks. The course includes supplemental training material you can download to take with you during your training sessions.

Equipment Used With 360 Obedience Bootcamp:

  • Six Foot Leash
  • 15 - 25 Foot Leash
  • Standard Flat Collar
  • High Value Treats
  • Dog

Need Help? Consult With An Expert!

Learn everything you need to know about building a solid and strong foundation of specific obedience skills and commands to make your team a SUCCESS.

Expert animal and canine Instructor Michaela Ersae understands animal and dog behavior as well as the importance of positive training techniques to build a strong foundation for future success. Michaela delivers an abundance of information that will be the ground work for all future training in straight forward, NO NON-SENSE lessons.

She also offers private lessons via Skype if you would like more individualized training or run into challenges requiring special attention.

Contact: support@remnantcanine360.com

Course Contents

7 Videos
6 Texts
7 PDFs
6 Audios