Remnant Canine 360 Online Training Academy

Train Your Dog to Be Obedient and Protect Your Family 24/7/365

Michaela Ersae

Free Video Lesson

We hope you enjoy just a preview of the quality and in-depth training you will receive through our online courses. Start today to make you and your dog a strong team!

Michaela Ersae

360 Obedience Bootcamp

360 Obedience Bootcamp is perfect for a handler/dog team that has little or no former obedience training. This package gives you the foundation for future success.

Nicholas Wallace

Scent Detection

The Scent Detection package gives a straight forward step by step training process as well as practical insight on real life scenarios.

Tobe Whitley


Learn skills and drills to build drive and bite as well as specific training techniques to control your perimeter and clear a building.